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Digitization & Archiving

For Providerss…

As an industry innovator, our IT platform can givereferring physicians the ability to digitally access pathology images through our HIPPA compliant network,allowing you to promote patient education and ensure constant connectivity to our pathologists. Pathology is a critical part of your practice and the ability to review whole slide images with your pathologists can drastically improve clinical decision making and improve patient care.

For Pathologists…

If you’re a Pathology Group, digitization and archiving can increase efficiencies through rapid intra-group consultations, prior case retrieval, and case study reference. Our digitization and archiving service eliminates the need for significant upfront costs. Simply send us your slides and we will do the rest. Once received, we will digitize your slides, host them on our secure network, and provide a unique URL and login for 24/7 access.

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