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Mission & Vision

Healthcare delivery is transforming. The ability to capture, analyze, and exchange information today is critical to clinical decision making andpatient care.Though EMR adoption is increasing and Radiology has already abandoned the analog world, Pathology remains one the last diagnostic elements that has yet to reach mainstream digitization.

Digital pathology gives us the ability to deliver top tier healthcare to areas otherwise isolated, facilitate collaboration and peer review, exchange critical information, develop targeted therapeutic approaches, andunlock the true potential of personalized medicine.

While the future of healthcare is digital, there is no doubt that digital pathology is a disruptive technology. And with any new disruptive technology there are reservations and cultural hurdles that must be overcome. However…at DigiPath we believe disruption is good. It is the only way to improve processes, realize true potential, and improve patient care. We are ready for the next phase of diagnostic delivery… are you?

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