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Digital Pathology Fuels UCLA Sub-specialty Pathology Program

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (UCLA) in Los Angeles, Calif., and Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University (ZHU), are using Aperio’s Digital Pathology System to support sub-specialty pathology consultations.... Read Full Article >

Expanding the Lab's Reach with Digital Pathology

Advances in digital-pathology systems, including rapid slide creation, data management, and image-visualization techniques are transforming the practice of pathology. A powerful tool in anatomic pathology, advancements in digital pathology... Read Full Article >

An Interview with Philippe Nore, International Business Leader — Digital Pathology

The Ventana VIAS image analysis system, launched in 2005, was our first product in the emerging digital pathology space. In recent years, however, the market has been trending toward whole slide scanners, versus VIAS... Read Full Article >

Digital Slide-sharing Streamlines Pathology Consultation and Outreach

Pathology departments often need the expert opinion of a specialty pathologist or require a secondary consultation, a process that can take several days or weeks to facilitate in a large healthcare system or at a remote hospital location.... Read Full Article >

Digital Pathology and Imaging — Past, Present, and Future

The first focus of digital pathology was to automate the microscope. “The ultimate goal was to begin the migration from a physical slide to a digital image and ensure users’ comfort during the transition,” says Jason Christiansen, PhD,... Read Full Article >

Benefits Accrue as Pathology's Traditions Morph into Digital

Traditionally, pathology has been a manual process: A pathologist views a stained tissue sample on a glass slide and provides a qualitative assessment of the histology, staining pattern, and intensity of the stain in a selected area... Read Full Article >

The Digital Transformation of Pathology.
When Does Future Become a Reality?

Imagine your digital future. You walk into your office, and on the desk is a computer; your microscope is covered and untouched; on the shelves are books and journals, and nothing is on the floor... Read Full Article >

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